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1988年生まれの俳優たちが自らの活躍の場を増やす為、2018 年に代表・中澤梓佐を中心に立ち上げた映像製作チーム。

これまでに多くの短編映画を製作してきたが、立ち上げ 6 年目となる今年、初めて長編映画「ロストサマー」の製作・劇場公開に挑む。

The film production team was set up in 2018 by four actors born in 1988 , in order to increase the number of opportunities for their own activities. They have made many short films so far, but this year, their sixth year since launching, they will produce and release their first feature film「Lost Summer」 in theatres.

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